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Lee Custom Amp | 12AU7BB | Tube Driven Buffer & Clean Boost | Silver & Blue Knob

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Designed & Wired by former KORG & VOX’s chief engineer in Japan, all of Lee Custom Amps & Pedals only use hand selected top shelf components and deliver the best in class - Clarity, Dynamics and Tonality.

The 12AU7BB is a Tube Driven Buffer and Booster, featuring a JJ Electronic "12AU7"  Pre-amplifying tube, housed in an extremely small aluminium chassis, designed and crafted in Japan. 

When the knob is set all the way to the left it acts as a buffer, Once the knob is engaged and raised from the minimum level it automatically switches to the booster circuit which sports a maximum gain of 20dB. Compared to it's counterpart the 12AX7BB, it's distortion point is further away and so it resembles a clean boost more. It has a wide range and is a High Fidelity stylised pedal. The 12AU7BB is not limited to electric guitars, this unit also works well with electric basses.

The power supply is DC9-10V. The maximum current consumption is about 350mA, it is recommended to use a power supply of 500mah.


  • JJ Electronic 12AU7(ECC82)
  • DC9V
  • internal voltage=100V
  • Specially designed circuitry