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Lambertones | The GRINDER | Clean & Crisp Humbucker PAF Guitar Pickup | Higher Output

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TYPE: Neck & Bridge Set

The GRINDER is higher output than our CREMA model, and has been compared to a vintage P.A.F. with a modern flare. The GRINDER pushes breakup at the source while still maintaining incredible note articulation. No dark muddy mids, lost lows, or piercing highs. The GRINDER uses a unique wire and magnet combination to balance output with dynamics, drive with clarity, and presence with compression.

If you’ve experienced our CREMA humbuckers the GRINDER is approximately 15-20% higher output and naturally closer to the edge of breakup.

Neck Specs: 4.7k DCR, AlNiCo V

Bridge Specs: 6.05k DCR, AlNiCo VIII


- 2-Wire for Vintage Gibson Style Wiring

- 4-Wire for for Push/Pull Coil-Tap, COil-Split and Phase Reversal Capability

>> Installation Guide PDF

2-wire Conductor
These are the simplest form of install and have a vintage look/feel. With a 3-way switch you have:
  • Position 1: Full Bridge Humbucker
  • Position 2: Both Humbuckers
  • Position 3: Full Neck Humbucker
The outside weaved sleeve is the ground and gets soldered to the back of your volume pot (or main ground) and the inside black push-back wire is your positive signal which is soldered to the switch. A no nonsense way of wiring our humbuckers.

4-wire Conductor
Want to utilize a push/pull pot, split the coils for in-between positions, or combining with other manufacturers pickups? The 4-wire gives you freedom to do that. 
  • For standard "humbucking" mode just twist the white/red wirestogether and solder, tape off or use shrink wrap, then run theGreen signal wire to the switch and the Black & braided ground wiresto the back of your volume pot.
  • To split the coil(s), solder the white/red wires wires together and to your push/pull pot by following your push/pull manufacturers instructions.
Humbucker Color Code
 - Ground
Black - Negative signal to Ground (Screw coil start)
White - Screw coil finish
Red - Slug coil finish
Green - Positive signal to Switch (Slug coil start)