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Lambertones | The CREMA | Clean & Crisp Humbucker PAF Guitar Pickup

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TYPE: Neck & Bridge Set

Imagine waking up from a restless night to a perfectly pulled espresso shot: complex, creamy, without hints of bitter notes or heaviness. Our flagship humbucker delivers that feeling. The CREMA is clean and crisp but preserves that velvety texture that makes you want to play just a little longer.

The CREMA’s are incredibly warm but present and with our detailed highs the single coil-like clarity is unparalleled. The CREMA was designed specifically with the Worship/CCM guitarist in mind, driving effects pedals extremely well, and simply can’t be beat through a high quality compressor and overdrive.

If you're looking for a dynamic PAF-style pickup on the edge of crisp drive tones, look no further!

Neck Specs: 3.55k DCR, AlNiCo IV

Bridge Specs: 4.35k DCR, AlNiCo VIII


- 2-Wire for Vintage Gibson Style Wiring

- 4-Wire for for Push/Pull Coil-Tap, COil-Split and Phase Reversal Capability

>> Installation Guide PDF

2-wire Conductor
These are the simplest form of install and have a vintage look/feel. With a 3-way switch you have:
  • Position 1: Full Bridge Humbucker
  • Position 2: Both Humbuckers
  • Position 3: Full Neck Humbucker
The outside weaved sleeve is the ground and gets soldered to the back of your volume pot (or main ground) and the inside black push-back wire is your positive signal which is soldered to the switch. A no nonsense way of wiring our humbuckers.

4-wire Conductor
Want to utilize a push/pull pot, split the coils for in-between positions, or combining with other manufacturers pickups? The 4-wire gives you freedom to do that.
  • For standard "humbucking" mode just twist the white/red wirestogether and solder, tape off or use shrink wrap, then run theGreen signal wire to the switch and the Black & braided ground wiresto the back of your volume pot.
  • To split the coil(s), solder the white/red wires wires together and to your push/pull pot by following your push/pull manufacturers instructions.
Humbucker Color Code
- Ground
Black - Negative signal to Ground (Screw coil start)
White - Screw coil finish
Red - Slug coil finish
Green - Positive signal to Switch (Slug coil start)