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Keeley | D&M Drive | That Pedal Show's Signature Dual Overdrive

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It’s a dual overdrive that's the perfect storm of drive and boost.

The 'Drive' side is all about Dan’s favourite kind of rich, harmonic gain and sustain. Expect a quick attack with plenty of high and low end, that can go from a superb core crunch tone through to searing tube-like gain. Huge girth for single coils; harmonic bliss for humbuckers and P90s. 

The 'Boost' side spans Mick's love for high-voltage, high-headroom mid boosters and a germanium-modded professional overdrive. Punch and clarity aplenty, this will thicken Strat and Tele single coils into huge, single-note singers, or push humbuckers from mild breakup into rich and fruity drive… always with enough treble to cut when you want it.

Each side sounds great on its own, but used together Drive and Boost open up a whole plethora of inspiring multi-stage gain sounds. 

​Whether you like the super-fat harmonic bliss of Boost into Drive, or the solo lifting punch of Drive into Boost – and anything in between – the D&M Drive has you covered for anything from country to blues to rock and beyond.​

In addition, users of loop-based switching systems have the option of using TRS cables in the ‘in’ and ‘out’ jacks to route each side of the D&M Drive into completely separate loops. 

We are immensely proud of the D&M Drive, and honoured that Robert Keeley and his team gave it everything we could have asked. It's gone way beyond our expectations and then some!