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Keeley | ARIA | Compressor & Overdrive | 2-in-1 Effects Pedal

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Original price $329.00
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Improvements for 2020 include easy access to TRS function and Compressor ATTACK via slide switch ports on the right side wall of the pedal. NO MORE TAKING THE BACK PLATE OFF!

Minor adjustments have been made to the face of the pedal. Toggle switches on the pedal face are in recessed channels and the graphic has been altered SLIGHTLY. THIS IS NOT A V2, just a few improvements that will enrich the user’s experience! No, there has not been a change in the circuit. Same great product, just slightly more attractive and WAY easier to use!

Robert Keeley has combined his most popular two effects, Drive and Compression!
The Keeley Compressor and a modded TS Overdrive have been packed into one small and powerful stompbox!

The new Keeley Aria has the ability to swap the order of the compressor and drive for amazing versatility in the sound.

Swap Compressor and Drive order on the fly.

2 Mode Overdrive – High Gain and Smooth Saturation in one mode – Clean and Bold in the Low Gain mode

Clean Boost and Tone Compensated Compressor – Now set the amount of your signal that gets compressed or brighten up the compression with Treble Recovery.

Compressor Plus Tube Style Dirt
The Aria Compressor Overdrive features a perfectly voiced treble recovery circuit and a blend control. This is our most toneful compressor with beautiful sustain and bloom. The blend and tone allow you to perfectly adjust the output response of the compressor. No more dull and lifeless sounds that are overly squashed.