Jackson Audio | BLOOM | Compressor, EQ, Boost & Bloom

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As a compressor, the Bloom features an optical limiting circuit that takes its inspiration from compressors designed during the golden age of vacuum tube circuits.

The Bloom is ideal for players who typically don’t use compression but want the ‘mastered’ response that optical compression gives a guitarists tone.

The frequency response of the compressor section is flat as a board and does not boost or cut any of your highs or lows.

Just like a well designed compressor should, the Bloom alters the dynamics of the guitar signal and not the tone. A good compressor should be felt and not heard!


When set to compression preset 5 or “Slide Mode” the aux compressor circuit is activated and placed in series ahead of the primary compressor. The tonal result of using two compressors in series is that notes will sustain almost endlessly and oftentimes break out into harmonic feedback while still remaining clear and clean! It ‘feels’ like you have an overdrive pedal on but the tone is still clean with endless sustain!

Hidden inside the Bloom, is a auxiliary compressor circuit that is identical to the main compressor circuit however without externally mounted controls. This aux compressor, which is set with a fast attack of 7.5ms, has two trimmers mounted on the right side of the pedal and are accessible when the cover is removed. These trimmers allow you to adjust the COMP and VOLUME settings of the aux compressor when using compression presets 5 and 6. More on compression presets later.


When more subtlety is desired from the compression circuit, we have included a BLEND control that allows the player to blend in their clean, unaffected signal back in with the compressed signal. One of the best features of the Blend control is that it allows the player to dial in a really aggressive compression setting and then blend some of their clean signal back in with it. This produces the effect of giving the note a very natural attack while slowly fading in the sustain that comes from running a high compression setting.


In simple terms, if you plug a click track or an audio source into the Side Chain jack, the compressor will activate based on that signal and not the guitars signal.

Take for instance, if you route audio from the kick drum into the Side Chain jack and allow the kick drum to activate the Bloom’s compressor. This will produce the effect of “ducking” the guitar whenever the bass drum is hit and will allow the bass drum to stand out more without having to adjust the mix to compensate.

This technique is used to great effect on many Hillsong albums as well as EDM styles of music

To make the Side Chain feature even more useful, we used a stereo jack for the Side Chain that allows the player to insert another effect in the loop between the audio portion of the compressor and the detector (the portion of the compressor that detects incoming signals and adjusts the optical limiting circuit).

The reason for including this loop is really to allow the player to experiment by adding different effects in the loop for different sounds. For instance, if you put an EQ in this loop, the compressor will only compress the frequencies that you have boosted and will not compress the frequencies that are cut.

Experiment with this!


  • Transparent Optical (LA-2A style) limiting circuit with huge dynamic range.
  • Dual Compressors for the ultimate slide tone.
  • Blend control that allows the player to blend in their clean (uncompressed) tone with their compressed tone.
  • Six instant access presets with the following settings
  • Side Chain jack/loop that allows an external source (click track etc) to trigger compression. Side Chain loop can also be used with an external effect (an EQ for example) to tailor the response of the compression.



The EQ circuit features a studio grade EQ that gives tremendous tonal flexibility to the BLOOM.

Based on the legendary Baxandall EQ that is featured in countless studio EQ’s, the Bloom EQ takes this circuit and tailors it for guitarists!

We spent tons of time on this EQ dialing it in so it would hit all the frequencies that guitarists need to adjust, and then sweetened it by removing the ear fatiguing highs and lows that can appear at extreme settings.


  • Studio grade EQ with High Bandwidth and Flat Response at 12:00
  • +/- 12dB Boost/Cut per control
  • Center Detents on the pots that make it easier to get back to a neutral or flat response.



The Bloom circuit is one of the most exciting parts of the Bloom! Designed as both a level booster and sustainer, the Bloom can work as a set boost by quickly pressing and releasing the Bloom footswitch, or by pressing and holding the Bloom footswitch, the Bloom circuit will slowly ramp up the level to the level set by the boost.

This ramp up time, which is programmable, can be used to increase sustain on held notes or to match the dynamics in a song. Once the ramp up is complete, pressing and holding the Bloom footswitch again will fade the level back down to unity.


  • 0-20dB Boost Available (quick press on Bloom footswitch)
  • 0-20dB Bloom Available (long press on Bloom footswitch)
  • True Boost Circuit. Fully counter clockwise position is unity level.
  • Totally flat EQ down to sub audio frequencies.
  • Programmable Ramp Up/Down Time.


  • Programmable True Bypass or Buffered Bypass