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iZotope | AU | Neutron 4 | A Smarter Way to Mix

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Version: FULL Package V4

Modern Mixing Mastered for You

iZotope’s Neutron 4 Advanced Suite is the latest iteration of their one-stop-shop mixing platform. The AI-driven Assistant View is the modernized cockpit of this 8-in-1 collection of robust mixing modules. Machine learning analyzes your audio to identify a sensible reference point before handing you intelligent tools for premiere sonic sculpting. The Target Module lets you upload an audio reference to arm Neutron 4’s tools to match your mixing intent. Use the Unmask Module intelligently scope out problem areas within the mix, saving you the hassle by creating space between competing frequencies or tracks. Explore the outer limits of distortion and character with the Exciter Module or manipulate microdynamics via the Compressor Module to add new life to any instrument or track. UI and visualization improvements accompany workflow changes to minimize clutter, letting you focus on what matters most: your craft.

  • Neutron 4 Advanced Suite combines 8 total plug-ins to form an all-in-one mixing suite
  • Assistant View utilizes machine learning to analyze your audio to create intelligent mixing tools tailored to your needs, with Detail View enabling deep fine-tuning
  • Upload audio to dynamically create mixing references with the Target Library
  • Take the stress off the little details with the Unmask Module that automatically discovers and cleans up muddy mixing and competing tracks or frequencies
  • Trash Mode brings a slice of iZotope’s Trash 2 plug-in to the Neutron ecosystem for raucous exploration of extreme distortion
  • Tone Slider and Tame Button functions provide a gradient for modulating frequency content and toggling the preservation of pre-distortion effects
  • Dial up the punch and breathe new life into any track via Punch, Modern, and Vintage Modes in the Compressor Module
  • Oscilloscope View provides a new dimension of exploring your compression
  • Tap into the Visual Mixer to view your tracks in a virtual space for new perspectives on your mix
  • Relay delivers swift, intuitive control of sweeping interoperative parameters of any iZotope-compatible plug-in
  • Sculptor module provides tools for spectral shaping of individual tracks
  • Tonal Balance Control delivers proactive metering while you mix, with target curves derived from tens of thousands of professional mixes or user-uploaded tracks
  • 7.1 surround sound support means boundless opportunity for multi-dimensional spatial audio