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iZotope | EDU | RX Post Production Suite 4 | RX 7 Adv, Insight 2, Neutron 3 Adv and more

by iZotope
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Electronic Delivery
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iZotope US MSRP $1,999 USD
~$3,200 AUD (as of Apr/2020) plus Currency Exchange & Foreign Transaction Fee
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An Industry Standard Post-production Toolkit

With its comprehensive collection of tools for audio restoration, dialog editing, mixing, and content delivery, iZotope RX Post Production Suite 4 is an all-in-one solution for post-production engineers and a favorite of Sweetwater’s post-production experts. Neutron 3 Advanced provides intelligent analysis and cutting-edge processors for complete tonal and dynamic control over a mix. Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D are powerful ambiance shapers for building compelling sonic environments. RX 7 Advanced is a premium noise reduction application that can handle even the most challenging audio restoration projects. Dialogue Match minimizes the need to manually match ADR to production shoots for consistent-sounding performances. RX Loudness Control ensures that your broadcast audio complies with the latest loudness standards, while Insight 2 provides you with visual metering that includes an intelligibility feature to guarantee your dialog is clear and present in the context of your overall mix.

RX 7 Advanced Features:

  • Repair Assistant uses machine learning to solve common audio issues quickly and easily
  • Music Rebalance supplies independent gain adjustment of the elements of a mix after it's already mixed
  • Dialogue Contour reshapes the intonation and inflection of a dialogue track
  • Dialogue De-reverb removes unwanted ambiance from dialogue tracks
  • Multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2
  • Music-optimized tools remove mic bleed, sibilance, mouth clicks, breaths, and other common irritants
  • Composite View for repairing multiple files at once
  • Straightforward interface makes operation intuitive
  • Task-based modules focus on specific audio issues

Neutron 3 Advanced Features:

  • Mix Assistant automatically builds a preliminary mix around a designated focal point
  • Sculptor module uses spectral shaping to help mold your track
  • Masking Meter identifies frequency collisions to ensure that instruments don't mask each other in your mix
  • Visual Mixer allows you to control individual tracks while inspecting your entire soundstage
  • Relay communicates with compatible iZotope plug-ins across your entire session
  • Track Assistant analyzes your signal and gets you to a logical starting point
  • Includes 8 powerful modules to perfect your tracks
  • Compressor, EQ, Exciter, Gate, Sculptor, and Transient Shaper can be used as individual plug-ins
  • Tonal Balance Control analyzes and optimizes your mix
  • Seamless integration with Ozone Advanced, so you can fix mix issues that affect the mastering process later on
  • Full surround support up to 7.1 for professional post-production applications
  • Substantial performance gains over previous versions enable you to work faster
  • Resizable interface and smooth visualizations supply you with a better workflow

Stratus 3D Features:

  • Unobtrusive, natural-sounding reverb plug-in
  • Input EQ and early reflection/tail filters keep undesired elements out of your reverb
  • Dynamic control with tail suppression lends incredible clarity to your mixes
  • Pre-delay and reverb delay with tempo control make blending the effect with your track easy
  • Warp function supplies you with incredible timbral and dynamic control
  • Supports up to 24 channels, including Atmos, Auro 3D, NHK, and more
  • Channel-specific Balance controls for top and main signals in Atmos and other immersive formats
  • 3D controls link multiple plug-in instances
  • Includes an array of useful factory presets
  • EuCon support for Avid and Euphonix consoles

Symphony 3D Features:

  • Supported channel formats: mono, stereo, LCR, LCRS, Quad, 5.0/5.1, 6.0/6.1, 7.0/7.1, SDDS, Atmos Bed, Extended Atmos, Auro 9.1/11.1/13.1, and NHK 22.2 (VST3 only), plus additional 3D formats
  • Backward compatible with Symphony standard
  • Loaded with warm, immersive, and aggressive reverb presets
  • Great for multichannel and audio for film/game
  • Tempo-sync pre-delay allows reverbs to bloom behind the beat

Dialogue Match Features:

  • Eliminates time-consuming manual dialog EQ and reverb matching
  • Draws on iZotope's machine learning technology and Exponential Audio's powerful reverb engine
  • Maintain tonal consistency with parametric EQ matching mechanics
  • Align dialog with a visual environment with reverb and ambiance capture

RX Loudness Features:

  • Ensure that your mixes meet required delivery specifications
  • Intelligent algorithms that eliminate guesswork
  • Deliver results globally with a single product
  • Adhere to the latest loudness standards no matter where your content is delivered
  • Produce more content than ever with extensive presets, a curated feature set, and fast, efficient workflow
  • Saves valuable time on the final stage of TV production
  • RX Loudness Control first analyzes the audio source file
  • Computes the amount of transparent correction required
  • Hits the target without a perceived change to the dynamic range
  • Correction pass includes a fixed amount of gain, RMS compressor, and true peak limiter
  • Optional use of RMS compressor and true peak limiter deployed only on an as-needed basis
  • If audio meets short-term and true peak specs, no extra processing is applied

Insight 2 Features:

  • Intelligibility meter indicates whether or not the rest of your mix is overshadowing dialogue
  • iZotope Relay routes any specified tracks or buses to Insight 2 for analysis
  • Accommodates EBU R128, BS.1770-1, BS.1770-2/3/4, ATSC A/85, OP-59, and more
  • Supports multichannel audio up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2
  • Resizable meters and windows
  • True peak level meters show you exactly how close you are to clipping your audio
  • Loudness meters show you the actual impact of your mix's volume
  • Loudness History graph helps you better understand the dynamic progression of your mix
  • Stereo vectorscope makes it easy to identify phasing issues
  • 2D/3D Spectrogram and Spectrum analyzer give you detailed insight into your mix's frequency content