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HTJ-WORKS | Magic Tune Overdrive (MTO) | V2 | Overdrive Distortion

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Experience the next evolution of HTJ-WORKS' introductory masterpiece, the MTO Magic Tune Overdrive Pedal. This upgraded version combines professional-grade features and performance with an all-new look, all while maintaining the affordability that makes it so popular. Dive into the world of rich and resonant tones inspired by the iconic Fender's BlackFace MAGIC 6, all within a meticulously handcrafted pedal that offers boutique-level quality without the hefty price tag.

**Unchanged Brilliance:** The core tone and functionalities that made the original MTO shine remain untouched. You can confidently explore its magic knowing that the essence of what you loved is right at your fingertips.

**Tonal Pursuit:** The MAGIC TUNE OD (MTO) pedal is your gateway to the captivating sound of the Black Face MAGIC 6. Every strum, bend, and riff is infused with the nostalgic brilliance that defines this classic tone.

**Affordable Excellence:** Crafted with the same precision and dedication as high-end boutique pedals, the MTO offers professional-level performance without the premium price. We've refined the production process to bring you top-tier quality without compromise.

**Custom Tone Sculpting:** The MTO provides you with an array of controls for sculpting your ideal sound:
- GAIN: Adjust the drive amount to dial in the perfect amount of grit.
- LEVEL: Fine-tune the volume to suit your playing environment.
- TREBLE: Craft your high-end frequencies to your liking.
- BASS: Shape the low-end frequencies for a well-rounded sound.

**Voice Your Sound:** Two mini-switches offer you distinctive tonal flavors:
- Right Switch: Experience the original sweet and smooth drive sound that defines the MTO.
- Left Switch: Dive into the SRV-inspired tone, marked by a sparkling edge and unwavering strength, beloved by musicians everywhere.

**Size:** Approximately 62 x 118 x 39 mm
**Power:** 9-18VDC adapter drive
**Battery Compatibility:** Can also be powered by a 9V battery
**Indicator:** Blue & Red LED indicator