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Horizon Devices | NANO ATTACK | Overdrive Mini Pedal

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Presenting the Precision Drive... but smaller and a whole lot simpler. The Horizon Devices Nano Attack provides the perfect modern metal drive in a one-knob mini stompbox. Tighten up your low end, add a splash of gain and refine those staccato riffs.


Until recently, you had to fork out thousands for the right guitar, a suitable high-gain amp and a collection of pedals to get the controlled aggression of a modern metal tone. The Nano Attack makes it easier than ever to recreate those stop/start percussive jabs with a fiery output.

Place the Nano Attack in front of your high gain channel. As soon as you enable the pedal, you'll notice how it grips the amp frequencies. The further you turn up the single dial, the more aggressive it becomes. Open up the back of the pedal and you'll find trim pots for brightness and volume. This way you can play with headroom and adjust boost-style clipping, or brighten the highs of your tone.

About Horizon Devices

Prog metal band Periphery defined sharp, precise modern metal tone. But it was a bit trickier to recreate that sound on a budget 10 years ago. Cue guitarist and founder Misha Mansoor - the man behind Horizon Devices. He's on a mission to make it easier than ever to get iconic metal attack in an old school pedal format.

Key Features

  • Famous Precision Drive in a simple mini pedal form
  • All-in-one dial for attack, gain a tightness control
  • Internal trim pots for brightness and volume
  • Runs on 9V