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Horizon Devices | FLUX ECHO | Delay & Reverb Pedal

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After two years of designing, testing and consulting with the pedal community, Misha Mansoor's Horizon Devices have finally released the Flux Echo reverb and delay pedal! With three distinct modes that combine reverb, delay, and modulation, the Flux Echo packs huge ambient sounds into a compact and easy-to-use stompbox.

Three Distinct Modes

Choose from three different voices using the Flux Mode switch. There’s a warm reverb mode with clean analogue-style repeats, a modulated reverb with reversed delay repeats, and a shimmer reverb with a tape echo style delay. Each has its own distinct character and can be taken from subtle and traditional through to expansive ambience using the Reverb Decay and Delay Feedback controls. There’s also a Tone knob for adjusting the brightness of the sound and a Mix knob for controlling how “wet” your signal is.


While the size and control layout is typical of a standard single pedal, Horizon Devices haven’t cut corners on functionality. The left switch acts as both a tap tempo switch to intuitively set the tempo of your delay repeats and as a hold switch for freezing your delay and reverb before allowing it to decay after your release. The Bypass switch has two modes one which immediately cuts off the sound and another which maintains the trails after you’ve bypassed the pedals for a more natural cutoff. This pedal also features both mono and stereo inputs and outputs so you can go for stereo reverb and delay for a fuller, more three dimensional sound.

Key Features

  • Three distinct voices
  • Mono and Stereo I/Os
  • Tap tempo
  • Hold switch
  • Delay and Reverb trails switch