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Horizon Devices | APEX PREAMP | w/ Cab Sim & Noise Gate

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Is your flubby sounding high-gain amp not doing your metal playing justice? The Horizon Devices Apex preamp is the answer to your tonal woes. Use the super versatile Apex to add a new modern metal sound to your amp, to tighten up your existing tone or hold down the fort in a portable live or recording setup. Truly the ultimate modern overdrive in a box.


A contemporary metal tone is defined by staccato riffing and punchy gain. Back in the day, it took a whole load of gear to create the desired effect. The Apex preamp packs everything you need into one pedal. Including a three-band EQ, noise gate, tight switch, cab sim and of course, plenty of gain on tap. The end result is a tight and focused tone, regardless of what other amps or pedals you use.


The Apex preamp is all about flexibility. Use it in front of your amp on either clean or dirty channels with the cab sim turned off. Simply adjust gain settings where necessary. Alternatively, place it in your effects loop for what is essentially an extra amp channel.

If you’re looking to downsize on equipment, the Apex functions perfectly as a standalone preamp. Carry your entire guitar rig in a backpack. Take it to gigs and plug direct into front of house, or record into an audio interface with the modern style cab sim switched on.

About Horizon Devices

Prog metal band Periphery defined the sharp, precise metal tone of the 2010s. But it was a bit trickier to create that sound on a budget 10 years ago. Cue guitarist and founder Misha Mansoor - the man behind Horizon Devices. He's on a mission to make it easier than ever to get iconic metal attack in an old school pedal format.

Key Features

  • Three-band EQ with gain and volume
  • Tight switch to focus your tone
  • Analogue 4x12 V30 style cab sim
  • Built-in premium noise gate
  • Runs on 9v or 18v
  • Works with Axe FX, Kemper and Line 6 modelling rigs