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Goodwood Audio | Wet Dry Wet Custom Junction | Pedalboard Junction Box

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By separating your pedalboard into a dry section (overdrives, distortion, compressor etc) and a modulation / wet section (chorus, delay, reverb etc) Goodwood Audio's WDW Custom Junction can route your signal in a number of exciting - Yes, exciting - ways.  

This junction has a dedicated Dry, Left (wet) and Right (wet) output.  Since you can use 1, 2 or 3 of these outputs independently or simultaneously it means you can choose to route your board in any number of ways.  

Furthermore you can mute your dry output (for instant access to ambient sounds) and use a master mute to kill all signal leaving your pedalboard. 

The Master Mute is great for tuning silently or changing guitars quickly and quietly. 


'Input' Jack:

Plug your guitar in here.  Simple. 

From the input signal is then sent to two places: 
a. Tuner out - Use this jack for an always on tuner output.  Your tuner will always be tuning weather your signal is live or muted. 
b. 'Board' - This jack is typically used to send signal to your first pedal.  Usually a fuzz, compressor or overdrive. 


After your last dry effect (maybe your last overdrive, volume pedal, distortion) plug into this jack.  Signal is then going to be sent to two places: 
a. 'D.Out' - Plug your dry amp into this jack.  If you don't want a dry amp for a gig / session, simply don't plug anything in! 
b. 'To.Wet' - Plug your first modulation/wet effect in here.  After this first wet effect you can then use it's outputs (or a later pedal in your wet chain) to split your signal to stereo. 

'L.In' and 'R.In':

These are your Left and Right inputs.  From your last wet effect in either mono (use the L.In jack) or stereo (use both L/R inputs) you can now complete the patching of this box.  From the Left and Right inputs, signal sends straight through to the other side of the box! 

See 'Summing' for more info on how you can access summing options on your WDW Junction. 


By default, your WDW Junction will ship in Stereo Sum mode.  When summed (pushbutton IN) the Left and Right inputs will be summed/merged and then sent to both outputs.  

If you want to access Split Sum (the right input is muted and the left input is sent to both the Right and Left Output jacks), open up your WDW Junction and flip the DIP switches according to the directions on the PCB.  This PCB is attached to the Left and Right Input jacks.  

NOTE: Regardless of the mode you choose, stereo (pushbutton OUT) operates the same.  The left input connects directly to left out and right in to right out.  

1/4" Outputs

There are three outputs on the WDW Junction: 
a. 'L.Out' - This is directly connected to the 'L.In' jack when in stereo.  Connect this jack to your left amp. 
b. 'R.Out' - Similar to the Left Out, the 'R.In' jack connects directly to the 'R.Out' jack.  Connect this to your right amp. 
c. 'D.Out' - This output will only receive signal from the first half of your pedalboard (dry effects only).  Connect this jack to your dry amp.