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GIGAREX | PGT-124 | Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System | Li-ion Powered | Transmitter & Receiver

by Gigarex
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Portable, Affordable, Reliable & Stable IEM

Ever had to go through horrible monitoring situation on stage?

Now, you can carry your own IEM system - both Receiver AND Transmitter unit in your pocket.  No more unexpected monitoring nightmares again.

Both transmitter & receiver are battery powered - Perfect for gigging musicians.

Widely used in the K-Pop music scenes, and in the house of worship, GIGAREX is the most Portable, Affordable, Reliable and Stable IEM system in the market.

Equipped with a 1,000mA Li-ion battery powers up to 10 hours of continuous usage or up to 24 hours of standby mode for both transmitter & receiver.

Click & Forget

Simple fool-proof setup & control helps you just to focus on your live performance.

All you need is XLR(f) to TRS 3.5mm or TRS 1/4" to TRS 3.5mm audio cable to connect the transmitter unit to your mixing console output. (Audio cables sold separately)


Small Form Factor

Transmitter & Receiver has same form factor, 7.5cm x7.5cm in size and weighs only 124g.

Crystal Clear Sound Quality & Ultra Low Latency for live gigs

Mono output^ 100mW Max into 16 ohms

96dB A weighted Dynamic Range

Implementation of latency of 19msec or less for real-time monitoring & broadcasting.


Advanced RF Transmitting Technology

2.4GHz Dual RF Filter & Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) Technology ensures its maximised stability*.

Directional Antenna Group Dividing Technology optimises its stability and transmission distance.

Band Pass Filter Technology removes the harmonic noise of 1.8GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.5GHz

Digital RF System transmitting range up to 15m-200m


*Maximum 4 pairs (mono units) to be used in the same area
*Maximum 2 pairs (stereo units) to be used in the same area

^Optional Stereo output is available w/ software update (+$99) - Dual XLR(f) to 3.5mm TRS or Dual 1/4" TS to 3.5mm TRS - Y-Cable is also required to run transmitter units in stereo.

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