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Empirical Labs | ELQ Lil FrEQ | Parametric EQ w/ DeEsser, High & Low Shelving

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Original price $4,699.00
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Current price $3,989.00

The Lil FrEQ is designed to be most of what an engineer needs crammed into a single-rackspace unit. Included in this great-sounding box is a great EQ with High Pass, High and Low Shelving, and Parametric EQ. To control dynamics, the Lil FrEQ has a compressor-like circuit to alleviate problem areas such as sibilance.

Effective and Versatile EQ

The Lil FrEQ's High Pass section is a sharp filter that cuts all content below one of eight pre-selected frequencies. Called a "coloured" filter since it is very steep and it has a special shape that prevents thinning out frequencies just above the "cutoff" frequency. The corner frequency is indicated by LEDs that glow softly when the section is bypassed by the Lil FrEQ, and brightly when the section is engaged. As with all the EQ sections in the Lil FrEQ, there is a dedicated bypass switch. The Lil FrEQ's High and Low Shelving are very similar to your standard "Tone Controls", but extremely high performance, providing exceptionally smooth boost and cut on the "bass" and "treble" frequencies. There are four sections of fully parametric FrEQ operating below .0007% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) at extremely high audio levels.

Dynamics Control

The Dynamics section of the Lil FrEQ combines filters with a compressor-like circuit that can help contain and control excessive high frequency content such as sibilants, especially in the absence of other lower frequency content. There are two modes of operation on the Lil FrEQ, with threshold control as well as a frequency select control. There are four LEDs that indicate the amount of Gain Reduction: -1.5dB, -8dB, -14dB, -24dB. The Dynamics section provides the high performance and ease of use, along with a natural-sounding De-esser, as well as a unique soft knee High Frequency Limiter for multi-faceted dynamics management.

  • Freq. Response: 5 Hz to 140 kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 120 dB
  • DC coupled Input and Outputs and one transformer coupled Output
  • High quality audio caps used internally.
  • Dynamic Time Constants
  • Attack is approximately .5 mS. Release .04 sec, fixed internally.