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Empirical Labs | EL-9 Mike-E | Microphone Preamp & Compressor / Saturator

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Original price $2,899.00
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Empirical Labs’ Mike-E channel strip manages to do many things very well! First and foremost, it’s a modern digitally controlled mic preamp. An extremely low-noise transformer on the input amplifier keeps the signal strong and clean. The input section also features a high-performance DI for direct-input instruments such as guitar and bass. Polarity, highpass filter, and 48V phantom power switches come next, followed by the CompSat section, which is comprised of a Saturator, Compressor, Emphasis, and Mix Control. These four circuits come together in the Empirical Labs Mike-E to enhance your tracks with everything from classic knee compression and limiting to colorful vintage-style saturation. On its rear panel, Mike-E features balanced and unbalanced I/O, as well as sidechain input and stereo link jacks. Empirical Labs’ Mike-E is very well-spec’d and equipped, indeed, and at its quite reasonable price point, an excellent value!

  • Mic preamplifier with super low noise and stepped gain
  • Highest-quality components used throughout
  • High-performance DI for direct-input instruments
  • “Colored” 80Hz highpass filter emulates the warm low-frequency cut of vintage equalizers
  • Polarity switch inverts audio signal 180 degrees
  • CompSat offers both a musical Compressor/Limiter and a unique tape-like saturation circuit
  • Emphasis: high-frequency emphasis system softens high-frequency pile-ups and adds color enhancement
  • Mix Control allows the blending of the Compressed/Saturated signal with the unprocessed dry signal
  • Frequency Response: 3Hz–200kHz on (CompSat out); 3Hz–150kHz (CompSat in)
  • Signal to Noise:130dB (40dB gain)
  • Maximum output: +28dBu
  • Distortion: .0006%–15% (depending on mode and settings
  • Input Impedance: 600 ohms; Output impedance: < 38 ohms