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Empirical Labs | BIG FrEQ | EQ Plug-in | Parametric EQ w/ Highpass, Lowpass & Harmonic Saturation

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Empirical Labs BIG FrEQ offers extensive sound-shaping capabilities, along with an analog-flavoured sound that will add muscle to everything you run through it. Inspired by — but not an emulation of — the company's Lil FrEQ hardware equalizer, this EQ plug-in is fully loaded with six fully parametric bands of sonic sculpting. Each band includes a Width control for fine-tuning your bandwidth, plus a Slope knob for steepening the edges of your EQ curves. Each band also includes a Focus mode for applications that require surgical precision. You also get high and low shelving bands, plus highpass and lowpass filters. Additionally, BIG FrEQ sports a Finisher section, which unleashes ELI's trademark analog-style saturation. Want to make your tracks stand out? Just fire up BIG FrEQ.


Sonic-sculpting power at your fingertips

BIG FrEQ is brimming with sonic-sculpting power. For starters, it gives you six fully parametric bands of powerful tone shaping with ±15dB of boost/cut. Not enough gain for you? Toggle on the BIG FrEQ's Range mode to bump that spec up to ±30dB. Along with the expected Width (Q) control, each of this EQ plug-in's bands also includes a Slope knob for steepening the edges of your curves. The Slope controls enable you to dial in flat-top curves for generous boosting with zero undesirable resonance. Want to transform a blunt instrument into a surgeon's scalpel? Switch to Focus mode for microscopic fine-tuning. In addition to BIG FrEQ's six fully parametric bands, you also get high and low shelving bands, plus highpass and lowpass filters.

Revel in ELI's trademark analog-style saturation

Empirical Labs is famous for their organic-sounding distortion algorithms, and BIG FrEQ is no exception. Lurking inside of its Finisher section is a gorgeous, tape-like saturation that's guaranteed to make your tracks pop out of any mix. You can control the level of saturation with the Drive knob, while an LED-style meter displays how much effect is being applied to your signal. BIG FrEQ's Finisher includes an Oversample function to safeguard against unpleasant aliasing.

  • 6 fully parametric bands of sonic sculpting with ±15dB of boost/cut
  • Per-band Range mode expands boost/cut range to ±30dB
  • Per-band Width (Q) controls for fine-tuning your bandwidth
  • Per-band Slope controls steepen the edges of your curves
  • Per-band Focus mode enables microscopic fine-tuning
  • Includes high/low shelving bands and highpass/lowpass filters
  • Finisher section unleashes ELI's trademark analog-style saturation

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