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Effectrode | Fire Bottle Boost | FB-1A | All-Tube Clean Boost | Fitted w/ NOS Sylvania Tube

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Effectrode pedals comes with a 12V centre positive (+) power supply with Australian power plug. Using a wrong power supply causes a permanent damage to the pedal and won't be covered by the warranty. Polarity Converter sold separately if wanted to integrate with exisiting power supply that has 12V centre negative output.

This Fire Bottle™ booster pedal is in a different league to a typical transistorised boost/drive stompbox, being more toneful and responsive. The pedal contains a vintage tube amplifier input stage that works as a glassy, clean sounding boost on lower gain settings or, when running at full-tilt, push a tube amp into producing a beautifully rich overdrive. It will add warmth and some growl to thicken up the tone of single coil pickups without losing definition and clarity. If you’re seeking a flexible boost pedal with a richer tone than germanium or silicon boost pedals then the Fire Bottle is the answer!

The Fire Bottle is based on a N.O.S. (new old stock) Sylvania sub-miniature 6112 vacuum tube operating at true tube amplifier plate voltages. The 6112 is manufactured to meet the stringent MIL-E-1 specification for reliability and designed for long service life under conditions of severe shock, vibration (20,000G!), high temperature and high altitude. The sub-miniature tubes represent the pinnacle of tube technology and offer exceptional performance and reliability. This makes it the perfect tool for studio and touring in even the harshest conditions. Like all Effectrode tube pedals, the Fire Bottle is true bypass for uncoloured feed-through.

‘Les Paul’ and ‘335’ players. The Fire Bottle pedal can be used to excellent effect with ‘humbucker’ pickups too—these types of pickups already possess a thick sound which the Fire Bottle will further enrich, creating some devastatingly fat tones.

Note: This is a limited edition pedal. Due to the limited availability of high quality N.O.S. tubes we cannot guarantee continued production of this pedal for any amount of time.


  • 100% analogue tube signal path based on a vintage N.O.S. Mil-spec sub-miniature 6112 tube with black plates (operating at amp plate voltages). Each tube is burned in for 24 hours and each Fire Bottle pedal tested and hand assembled by the designer to make sure it is perfect.
  • Boost Control: ranges from 0dB (unity buffer) to massive 30dB to push the clean channel of a tube amp into breakup and overdrive. Tone Control: Classic Fender® ‘Harvard’ tube amp tone control with internal ‘Q’ adjustment to fine-tune the response.
  • Resonance Switch: Fine-tunes the resonant peak of a single coil pickup to alter the fundamental tone. Two settings make it possible to shift the resonant peak 2 to 4KHz down. This has the effect of making a Strat® bridge pickup sound like a neck pickup or even a humbucker for a thicker, fatter and fuller sound adding a huge degree of flexibility to your guitar tone.
  • True Bypass Switching: With Effectrode’s unique ‘anti-pop’ or ‘thump’ footswitching circuitry utilising sealed, gold-contact relay to eliminate the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimal internal audio path.
  • ‘Dakaware’ Knobs: Authentic bakelite ‘Dakaware’, Chicago 1510 knobs custom manufactured for Effectrode in the U.S.A using the original 1940s moulds.
  • Fitted with N.O.S Sylvania tube: Each Fire Bottle boost is fitted with a hand-selected 6112 sub-miniature tube. This is one of the finest tubes ever built by any manufacturer at any time in history.