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Effectrode | Delta-Trem | DT-2A | All-Tube Vintage Amp Tremolo in a pedal

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Effectrode pedals comes with a 12V centre positive (+) power supply with Australian power plug. Using a wrong power supply causes a permanent damage to the pedal and won't be covered by the warranty. Polarity Converter sold separately if wanted to integrate with exisiting power supply that has 12V centre negative output.

  • Genuine Tube Circuitry: 100% vacuum tube and ‘Raysistor’ audio circuitry generates the tremolo effect. The tubes operate at real amp plate voltages at 300V, just like in a vintage tube amp!
  • Smooth and Deep Tremolo: LFO with advanced pulse shaping capability can accurately replicate either smooth ‘Bias’ or more intense, choppy ‘Photocell’ tremolo effects.
  • True S-T-E-R-E-O: When “linked the signal ping-pongs between left and right outputs, or the two tremolos can be split for independent operation were left and right channels drift in and out of phase.
  • ‘Dakaware’ Knobs: Authentic bakelite ‘Dakaware’, Chicago 1510 knobs custom manufactured for Effectrode in the U.S.A using the original 1940s moulds.
  • Turquoise LEDs pulsate with modulation speed for visual song tempo matching.