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Effectrode | Blackbird Preamp | SR-71 | All-Tube Preamp based on 'Blackface' Amp | PRE-ORDER

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Effectrode pedals comes with a 12V centre positive (+) power supply with Australian power plug. Using a wrong power supply causes a permanent damage to the pedal and won't be covered by the warranty. Polarity Converter sold separately if wanted to integrate with exisiting power supply that has 12V centre negative output.

The Effectrode Blackbird is a real, all-tube preamplifier in a pedal. It's designed to add multiple channels to vintage or boutique guitar amps giving access to a wide tonal palette ranging from warm and fat blues drive sounds, through to classic rock distortion and harmonically-saturated, savage metal tones.


  • Two Truly Independent Channels: Add multiple channels to your vintage/boutique guitar amp! The clean channel is a replica of the classic ‘Blackface’ circuit Leo Fender created from the RCA Receiving Tube Manual and is beautifully warm and glassy sounding. The overdrive channel is an improvement on the “hot-rodded” tube circuitry found in ‘Dumble’ amps and packs a huge degree of flexibility ranging from warm and fat blues drive tones, through classic rock crunch, to harmonically-saturated sounds.
  • Classic Tone Stacks: Each channel has it’s own dedicated ‘Bass’, ‘Middle’ and ‘Treble’ controls based on the interactive tonestack found on vintage Fender® ‘Blackface’ amps.
  • Tube Buffered Output: For connection to guitar amplifier. This output is a low impedance tube cathode follower stage with +10dBu of gain and is capable of driving long cable runs with lowest possible tone loss.
  • Transformer Balanced Out: For superb professional quality direct recording. Triad transformer isolated balanced output (600Ω impedance) with +6dBu gain allowing direct connection to mixing desk, PC sound capture card or power amplifier. The transformer is driven by audiophile discrete class AB transistor circuitry (the only solid-state components in the entire signal path) and imparts some additional sweetness to the guitar signal—in fact, speaker emulation often isn’t even necessary when recording direct, just a some eq and a little reverb can create incredible, full-bodied tones.
  • Adjustable Bias: Internal bias trim-pot allows bias adjustment of the first gain stage of the drive channel to alter the input sensitivity, biting point and ‘feel’ of the Blackbird. Rotating the trim-pot clockwise increases the bias voltage, ‘hot’ biasing the tube stage and rotating anti-clockwise ‘cold’ biases the tube.

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