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Disaster Area Designs | DMC-3XL | Gen3 | Compact MIDI Controller

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Compact MIDI Controller

Control up to four MIDI devices with the DMC-3XL Gen3. Select presets, send expression pedal data, control your device’s looper modes, and more.

The DMC-3XL Gen3 uses advanced Gen3 technology in a compact footprint - just 4.8” x 2.6” x 1.4” (120mm x 66mm x 35mm)

Featuring up to nine control modes, the DMC-3XL Gen3 is designed to interface with up to four MIDI devices.

Device Control:  Program select and bypass for up to four devices.

Looper Control: Controls the looper on the Strymon Timeline, Eventide H9 / Timefactor, or Line 6 M9/M13.

Utility: User-set actions on left and right buttons (2 commands per button)

Preset: Stores programs from Device Control pages and allows the user to change multiple devices at once.

Set List: Allows the user to re-arrange Preset scenes on the fly

Clock: Access the DMC-3XL’s built-in MIDI clock and tap tempo interface

Optional Side Roller: Large foot-actuated analog control sends expression pedal or looper volume data

  • Bright blue LED display indicates program number, status, and more
  • One 5-pin MIDI port supports MIDI out using a standard MIDI cable, or MIDI input and output using our MIDI Y-Cable.
  • One MultiJack connector can function as Expression Pedal input, Tap Tempo Output, Function Switch Output, Footswitch Input, or MIDI Output.
  • One Expression connector can function as Expression Pedal input, Function Switch input, or MIDI output.
  • Internal DIP switches to customise MultiJack functions.
  • Up to 99 user-accessible presets (if preset page is active.)
  • Controls up to four MIDI devices
  • Looper control page
  • Programmable MIDI clock and tap source to synchronise tempo on multiple pedals
  • User-definable Utility page sends any MIDI CC command, MIDI notes, bank up and down, more.
  • Add an optional Side Roller to send expression data to any or all of your connected MIDI devices
  • USB MIDI or USB Host connection for advanced control possibilities
  • Runs on standard 9V power, 60mA minimum.

The DMC-3XL Gen3 also features our astounding MultiJack connector, which can perform several different functions to simplify your setup!

  • Connect one or two 1/4″ MIDI devices from companies such as Alexander Pedals, Chase Bliss Audio, Empress, and Meris
  • Connect an expression pedal to send MIDI messages to one or more of your devices.
  • Connect an external footswitch for tap tempo control.
  • Send tap tempo to an external device such as a DD-7, Panther Cub, Flint, and more.

Need more control? Use the USB port to interface with your computer or tablet device and turn the DMC-3XL into a USB MIDI controller. Maybe you have a Zoom MultiStomp (MS-50G / MS-60B / MS-70CDR?) or a newer Red Panda pedal? Connect it to the USB port using our gHOST Adapter to control it with MIDI!