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Celemony | Melodyne 5 EDITOR | Pitch, Time & Chords Correction | Perpetual FULL Version

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Correct Audio and Timing — Even Inside Chords

Looking for a high-quality tool to help you massage notes to perfection? How would you like to have the ability to fix audio buried within chords? With Celemony’s Melodyne editor, you can do all of that and more. You can access notes inside polyphonic material and make guitars, pianos, and other instruments shine. Melodyne 5 editor contains even more cutting-edge enhancements, such as Melodic and Percussive Pitched algorithms, musically weighted pitch analysis, the Fade Tool and Sibilant Tool, the Leveling Macro, and recallable search. Add to that ARA compatibility, and you get one of the most powerful pitch- and time-correction applications on the planet. Does that magical take just have too many flaws to be a keeper? Not if you have Celemony Melodyne editor in your arsenal.

Exciting new features for better results in less time 

Melodyne 5 editor has a lot of changes under the hood. Its Melodic algorithm edits pitched and noise-like components separately, supplying you with ultra-musical pitch deviation analysis. Chord Track and Chord Grid enable you to adapt notes — or full chords — with blazing speed to suit a song. Create note-based fades — even in polyphonic recordings — with the Fade Tool. You can also use the Sibilant Tool for per-note adjustment of the volume between pitched and unpitched vocal sounds, and the Leveling Macro to minimize volume disparities between notes. There’s an additional Percussive Pitched algorithm, along with other algorithm improvements, plus recallable search functions for keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Powerful adjustment tool allows you to polish audio tracks
  • Automatic and manual timing and note length correction
  • Automatic and manual pitch and pitch drift correction
  • Fade Tool creates note-based fades — even in polyphonic recordings
  • Melodic algorithm edits pitched and noise-like components separately
  • Musically weighted pitch analysis supplies psychoacoustically optimal intonation correction
  • Sibilant Tool yields per-note adjustment of the volume between pitched and unpitched vocal sounds
  • Leveling Macro minimises the volume disparities between notes
  • Chord Track brings notes into line harmonically and extract chords from audio
  • Percussive Pitched algorithm for instruments such as tabla, berimbau, and 808 kick drums
  • Recallable search functions for keyboard shortcuts
  • DNA (Direct Note Access) technology adjusts notes in polyphonic audio
  • Easy-to-use, logical layout makes navigation ultra-simple
  • Works standalone or as a plug-in in your DAW
  • ARA interface provides complete integration with selected DAWs