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Celemony | CAPSTAN | Wow & Flutter Removal Software | Perpetual FULL Version

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Celemony's clever restoration tool invisibly fixes the speed variations that can plague material recorded on tape or vinyl.

Celemony are well known as the company that brought us the Melodyne pitch-manipulation software, numerous versions of which have been reviewed in Sound On Sound over the last decade (November 2001, January 2004, April 2006 and December 2009). Capstan is based on the technology underlying the polyphonic version of Melodyne, called Direct Note Access (DNA), but has been heavily optimised specifically to detect and reduce periodic and chaotic speed-variation artifacts, whether caused by wow and flutter in tape machines or off-centre vinyl discs, or one-off phenomena such as tape catching on the reel, a sticky edit passing through, or a power-supply glitch.

Capstan is an easy-to-use and highly efficient solution for the elimination of wow and flutter:

  • Runs on Mac or PC and requires no additional hardware
  • Handles all common audio formats
  • For mono, stereo, multi-channel or multi-track recordings
  • Detection based on our patented DNA Direct Note Access technology
  • High-quality, varispeed-based correction free from pitch-shifting or time-stretching artifacts
  • Works even when a tape has already been copied several times or has been digitized in low resolution

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