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Catalinbread | Belle Epoch | Tape Echo Based on the EP-3 Echoplex (Black And Silver)

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The new offering from Catalinbread is quite a stunning achievement . Not only have they created a pedal that is pretty much smack on the old Echoplex EP-3 sound but they have made it accessible to so many more players now that its in stompbox form and a lot more affordable than a Ridgy Didge Echoplex! The Echoplex was used by such people as Jimmy Page, Eric Johnson and Eddie Van Halen to name a few.

Catalinbread have managed to create a pedal that is exactly like running through an EP-3 Echoplex, The Belle Epoch has the same tone shaping effect and slight signal boost as the original EP-3. Catalinbread designed it to create the same degradation of repeats as the EP-3 and even the sound of the tape head traveling across the tape can be heard! The experience of a real EP-3 Echoplex is what happens when you click the switch. I'm not sure how they did it but they did!

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Features

Mix, Rec Level, Sway, Echo Sustain, Echo Delay
80ms-800ms delay time
Internal trimpot allows you to preset the gain and volume
Internal switch allows selecting between true bypass and trails
9vDC-18vDC power jack. No battery power.
Made in Portland, OR