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Caliber IV | Digital Hygrometer | Western Humidor (Oasis)

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Industry Standard. Caliber IV is the most accurate humidity / temperature monitor that could be easily placed in your room or guitar cases. 

The most accurate humidity/temperature monitor

Experienced luthiers always maintain 40-50 percent relative humidity in their shops, the range at which wooden stringed instruments are most stable.

Excess dryness causes wood to shrink, lowering the action, which may cause buzzing of the strings against the frets and cracks in the wood itself may appear.

Too much moisture can cause wood to swell which raises the action and newly-sprayed finishes to blush.

Make sure you get an accurate hygrometer,
and keep your precious guitar in the right humidity all the time!

Caliber IV Hygrometer by Western Humidor is the most accurate & industry standard tool being used by luthiers, shops and serious musicians all over the world.

Pre-Calibrated out of the box

The easy-to-read display provides relative humidity and Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature at a glance. A memory function stores minimum and maximum daily readouts. Unlike analog gauges, the unit has no imprecise moving parts and never needs calibration. It operates between 20-99 percent relative humidity, with reliable accuracy to 1 percent.

Includes secure magnetic mount, battery and 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%
  • Temperature read switch for Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Pre-calibrated out of the box + User recalibrate-able
  • Three day high/low & averages for humidity & temperature
  • Super Slim Dimensions: 90mm x 32mm x 6mm
  • Secure magnetic mount
  • Battery included