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Benson Amps | PREAMP | Based on Chimera Amps

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The Benson Preamp Pedal captures the preamp of the Chimera 30 amplifier. It adds grit and thickness to your tone and will give you those fat Americana-guitar tones in seconds. It's a bluesy, gritty sounding distortion that still allows your guitars voice to shine through.

The preamp pedal substitutes the vacuum tubes for FET transistors. You can use the gain on-board to take you from mild boost to all-out driven grit but not really going to heavy metal extremes. It can go into fuzz territory when cranked though and this gives your guitar sound plenty of sustain.

Sparkle and Cut

You can use the on-board EQ to cut through the mix and add treble and sparkle to your sound or boost the bass for a fatter rhythm tone. Interestingly you can use the EQ to quickly switch between a distinctly American style distortion with scooped mids to a mid-heavy Brit tone for different options in your arsenal.

  • Gain
  • Volume
  • Bass
  • Treble
  • Power requirements: 9v