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920D Custom | SG50-PIO | SG® Wiring Harness Upgrade | For Gibson and Epiphone SG® Guitars

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Wiring Harness Upgrade - For Gibson and Epiphone SG® Guitars

Our Custom Wiring Harness Upgrades are built to quickly and easily drop into your guitar and totally transform your tone.

Genuine paper-in-oil capacitors will give your guitar the classic tone of a vintage SG®. The wiring scheme provides a tight, transparent tone. Unlike modern wiring schemes, it features a reduced treble cut, when rolling back the volume control. The highs sound clearer - especially with the volume pot rolled back. The harness effectively gives you a treble bleed kit function on each volume pot, without adding the extra caps and resistors.

If you are looking to clean up your tone and let your pickups sing through, the SG50-PIO is for you.


  • 4 - 920D Custom 450G Series 500k Pots by CTS
  • 1 - Switchcraft 3-Way Right Angle Toggle
  • 2 - .022 WD Blue Paper-In-Oil Tone Capacitors
  • 1 - Pure Tone Output Jack
  • 920D Custom Signature Wiring by Gavitt Wire

Switch Positions

  • Bridge
  • Bridge / Neck
  • Neck