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920D Custom | JB-C | Jazz Bass Control Plate Upgrade

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Get the Most Out of Your Pickups

If you’re looking to upgrade the electronics in your Jazz Bass, the 920D Custom Jazz Bass Control Plate Upgrade utilizes only the finest pots, caps, and wiring to take your tone to the next level. A set of 920D Custom 450G series 250k CTS pots, a .047uF Sprague Orange Drop capacitor, and a durable Pure Tone output jack all come pre-installed to the chrome control plate, greatly reducing the need for soldering on the user’s end. Custom builds can often leave a rat’s nest of messy wiring in your control cavity if you're not a soldering pro. Organized wiring and clean solder joints prevent tangling and other electronics failure, and wiring doesn’t get much cleaner than a build by 920D Custom.

920D Custom 450G Series potentiometers

920D potentiometers are built to precise instrument specs for each 920D product or kit; these premium specs include a lower torque rating for the sort of buttery knob sweeps that everyone’s bass deserves. In addition, 920D meter tests each potentiometer before assembling kits like this one so you can trust your bass is getting quality new electronics.

Orange Drop Capacitor by Sprague Electric

The included .047uF Sprague Orange Drop Capacitors are legendary among tone aficionados. Unique Orange Drops foil and film construction delivers more reliable and rugged performance than previous capacitors, and Orange Drops are prized for their wide response range — they can add extra punch to your tone but can also take away bite for added smoothness.

Pure Tone 1/4-inch output jack

The modern Pure Tone jack eliminates crackle and hum by upgrading the standard number of contact points between the instrument and cable from 1 to 4. This great leap forward gives players a more resilient, sturdy output jack that is much less prone to all sorts of failures. Forward-thinking creators like 920D believe that Pure Tone is the future of jacks, and we’re inclined to agree.

920D Custom signature wiring by Gavitt Wire

Gavitt Wire has collaborated with 920D on a signature cloth-covered pushback wire that yields superior balance between capacitance and resistance — in other words, better tone. This custom Gavitt wire features an inner Celanese braid that is rugged and set to hold up to repeated use.

920D Custom Jazz Bass Control Plate Upgrade Features:

  • All electronics come pre-installed to the control plate to almost completely eliminate the need for soldering
  • Includes: 4 hole chrome control plate, 3 premium knobs, 3 x 920D Custom 450G series 250k pots by CTS, 1 x .047uF Orange Drop capacitor by Sprague Electric, and 1 Pure Tone output jack
  • Ultra-neat wiring and clean solder joints for optimal tone and reliability