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29 Pedals | EUNA | Elite Unity Amplifier | The Ultimate "TONE SUCK" Cure

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EUNA is handmade by 29 Pedals in California. Every component is hand-fitted and tested, including surface-mount parts.

Even a few true-bypass pedals and 20' of cable can hang out your guitar's output and make it feel mushy and dark. Buffers can help, but they are often very simple circuits that create sonic issues of their own.

On the face of it, the EUNA is a simple buffer/input driver, used to boost your your guitar signal up to full strength. But there's a bit more to it than that.

Imagine you removed all your patch cables from the tone-sucking equation; you'd have a pure, bright, full tone. That's exactly what the EUNA helps bring to life.

It plays a support role in making your existing guitar tone even better, by preserving and enhancing the clarity of the clean signal.

Three Sweetening Circuits

Turn on the EUNA and you'll notice an immediate sharpness and presence to your tone. Now you have three distinct filters to play with, capturing the harmonics, brightness or lows you want from your sound in quality fashion.

Effects Loop

A handy little feature implemented in the EUNA is an effects loop, which activates when the pedal is turned off. This allows your vintage fuzz to thrive as it should without a buffered signal. Add your tuner to the loop to negate its buffer, if it has one.

Accepts virtually any power

Another quality of life addition is the WHATEVER power supply. This allows the EUNA to accept 7.5 to 35V of AC or DC power without any adverse effects on your tone. Never use the 12V out on your PSU? Now you have a reason to fill it.

Key Features

  • Protect and enhance your guitar tone
  • Use in place of a buffer
  • Three sweetening circuits - Harmonics, Bright and Low
  • Effects loop designed for guitar-direct-to-fuzz
  • Accepts 7.5 to 35 volts of AC or DC
  • 1% thin-film resistors, WIMA film caps and other audiophile-grade components