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BOSS | Katana Amps | Version 3 is coming!

BOSS | Katana Amps | Version 3 is coming!

With its ultra-responsive feel, gig-ready tones, and versatile onboard effects, the affordable BOSS Katana series is taking the guitar amplifier world by storm. By design, all Katana amps feature an instantly familiar interface that makes it easy to dial in and save great sounds on the fly.

But there’s even more power under the hood, and it’s all accessible via the free BOSS Tone Studio editor. 

Once your Katana is connected to BOSS Tone Studio, you’ll see an intuitive graphic interface for adjusting nearly everything in the amp. You can tweak amp tones, load and customize different effects, save and recall Tone Settings, and more. The software directly interacts with the amp, allowing you to intuitively create sounds as you play. Any editor adjustments you make are immediately reflected in the amp, and vice versa.


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