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Red-Eye Preamp - Pedalboard 9V Power Modification for Red-Eyes

Red-Eye Preamp - Pedalboard 9V Power Modification for Red-Eyes


I use my Red-Eye Twin with several other pedals on a pedal board.  Is there any way I can run the Twin on my standard center- negative, center-ground Boss-style pedal board power supply?



For the pedal board environment, there’s an easy modification that might be useful.  You can trade out the Red-Eye’s battery for a battery substitute adapter.  With this modification, the Red-Eye will run on either 9-volt pedal board power (center-negative, center-ground) or XLR Phantom Power.


Battery Substitute Adapter


The adapter is a short 6-inch cable with battery snaps on one end and a Boss-style pedal board power plug on the other.  Here’s a link to one place you can buy it…


Installation steps…

  1. Get a 1/8-inch rat-tail file.
  2. Take out the Red-Eye battery.
  3. File a notch in the rim of the chassis near where the terminal end of the battery was.
  4. * IMPORTANT!* Knock out and blow out all of the filings.
  5. Tie a knot in the adapter cable to keep it from pulling out of the Red-Eye.
  6. Snap the adapter contacts to the Red-Eye’s battery snaps.
  7. Replace the Red-Eye’s back cover lid, making sure the adapter cable is not crushed.
  8. Connect the Red-Eye to your pedal board and to 9-volt pedal board power.


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LARRY JACKSON - June 1, 2018

Daren, hi we spoke on wed may 31st. I’m about ready to order the twin. Could you just put a receptacle on the unit for 9 volts. And still have the internal battery INSTEAD OF THE MOD CABLE . Thanks in advance. LJ

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