TC Electronics | G-Force | Multi Guitar Effects Processor (Pre-Loved)

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  • Ultimate guitar multi-effects processor gives you 9 top-of-the-line effect blocks and massively flexible control
  • State-of-the-art DSP technology and 24-bit resolution offers you phenomenal performance and sound quality
  • Efficient noise gate and 8 uncompromising effects you can run simultaneously provide a massive sonic foundation
  • Super-flexible controls design and external inputs let you configure G-FORCE the way you need
  • Tough, industry-proven product has been road-tested and relied on by countless pros around the world
  • Integrated tuner with large display lets you easily tune up even at a distance
  • Holds 245 customizable presets plus 100 user preset slots, with up to 900 more available via external PCMCIA* card
  • Super-sensitive metering that suits all styles of guitar keeps you in control of levels and output
  • Tap tempo control from panel, MIDI, or pedal puts your time-based effects right on the beat
  • Split display gives you a detailed information and editing screen plus a billboard-style large digit section
  • Parametric EQ lets you shape your tone with surgical precision
  • External control input plus S/PDIF* and MIDI in/out offer outside-interface choices
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark


This is a legendary bit of gear that has been used on many of the earlier Hillsong albums. Still has the presets used for the intro guitar line of Mighty To Save.

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