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iZotope | EDU | RX 7 Elements | Audio Restoration & Repair Tool

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by iZotope

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iZotope US MSRP $129 USD
~$180 AUD (as of Nov/2018) plus Currency Exchange & Foreign Transaction Fee
Authorised iZotope Dealer, Gsus4 SPECIAL Pricing
$149 AUD Inc. GST on average about ~10-15% cheaper than MSRP


Audio Restoration for Musicians and Podcasters

You record your podcast, and everything goes well. Then you play it back and realize that you can hear the neighbor's dog barking, the guy down the street mowing his lawn, and the air conditioner kicking on. In the past, these distractions would have wrecked your recording. But now you have iZotope RX 7 Elements. This indispensable app works like a photo editor — you just paint away the unwanted sounds. And on top of that, its Repair Assistant function uses machine learning to solve common audio issues for you! You can use RX 7 Elements as a standalone app or as a plug-in in your favorite DAW. Buzz. Clicks. Hiss. Funny screaming goats. No sweat — RX 7 Elements can fix it.

  • Repair Assistant uses machine learning to solve common audio issues faster than ever.
  • Voice De-noise is fine-tuned for vocals, reducing unwanted steady-state or changing background noise like air conditioning, refrigerator hum, and amp hiss.
  • De-clip patches up digital and analog clipping artifacts to restore distorted audio.
  • De-click cleans up vinyl clicks, softens up clicky bass guitars, and more.
  • De-hum removes ground loop hum and line noise.
  • NEW Repair Assistant uses machine learning to solve common audio issues quickly and easily
  • Music-optimized tools remove mic bleed, sibilance, mouth clicks, breaths, and other common irritants
  • Straightforward interface makes operation intuitive
  • Task-based modules focus on specific audio issues