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iZotope | EDU | Ozone 9 Advanced | The Future of Mastering

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An Essential Update to a Mastering Studio Staple

Just when you thought iZotope’s Ozone couldn’t get more powerful, Ozone 9 Advanced comes along and does just that. This comprehensive mastering software suite is loaded with intelligent processing and a bevy of new features. Correct the levels of individual instruments in a stereo file with Master Rebalance. Adjust the contrast and definition of low frequencies with Low End Focus. Analyse and optimise your master with Tonal Balance Control. You also get seamless integration with other iZotope plug-ins, enabling you to fix mix issues that will affect the mastering process later on, while Master Assistant supplies you with a logical starting point. Complete with a modern, resizable interface, iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced is a surefire way to polish and perfect your mixes.

Master Rebalance fixes lopsided mixes

Low End Focus obliterates muddy mixes

Tonal Balance Control makes mastering easier than ever

Master Assistant provides the ideal starting point

  • Comprehensive mastering software suite with 16 modules
  • Master Rebalance corrects the levels of individual instruments in a stereo file
  • Low End Focus adjusts the contrast and definition of low frequencies
  • Tonal Balance Control analyzes and optimizes your master
  • Seamless integration with other iZotope plug-ins via Relay
  • Master Assistant uses your audio's sonic profile to get you to a logical starting point
  • Choose from a modern or vintage vibe, with loudness targets for CD and streaming
  • Overhauled Match EQ with better preset workflow, reference track matching, and more
  • Vintage modules for adding warmth, grit, and vibe
  • Imager module includes powerful multiband controls and an improved Stereoize mode
  • Works as a single plug-in, as individual component plug-ins, or standalone
  • Modern, resizable interface