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iZotope | EDU | Music Production Suite 3 | O9N3 Adv, Tonal Balance Ctrl, RX 7 Std, Nectar 3 and more

by iZotope
Electronic Delivery
Electronic Delivery

or 4 fortnight payments of $162.25 AUD with More info


iZotope US MSRP $999 USD
~$1,650 AUD (as of Apr/2020) plus Currency Exchange & Foreign Transaction Fee
Authorised iZotope Dealer, Gsus4 SPECIAL Pricing
on average about ~10-15% cheaper than MSRP

Everything You Need for Top-drawer Music Production

Every engineer or producer needs top-notch tools, and iZotope's Music Production Suite 3 delivers the goods. Achieve superior mixes with Neutron 3 Advanced. Forge ear-popping vocals with VocalSynth 2, and polish them into stunning centerpieces with Nectar 3. For outstanding repair and restoration, reach for RX 7 Standard. Dive deep into your mix with Insight 2. Master your mixes to perfection with Ozone 9 Advanced. Attain a perfectly balanced master with Tonal Balance Control. And to tie it all together, this bundle includes Relay for state-of-the-art inter-plug-in communication. What’s more, you get two killer reverbs from Exponential Audio and a 1-year subscription to Groove3’s online video tutorials. iZotope's Music Production Suite 3 is the pro's secret weapon. Deploy it on your next project.


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