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IK Multimedia | ARC System 3 & MEMS Mic Pack | Room Acoustic Correction Kit

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Improve Your Mixes with Advanced Room Correction Software

Mix engineers will tell you that one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of crafting great mixes is having a listening environment that you can trust to deliver accurate sound. Many high-end mixing suites are designed from the ground up to achieve that. But for those of us who don’t have the luxury of a custom-built studio, we may struggle with imperfect room acoustics that produce unwanted resonances, modes, and null points that can skew the sound coming from our monitors. Enter the IK Multimedia ARC System 3. The latest advancement in room correction technology, the ARC System 3 is a powerful software utility that analyses your environment with multi-point 3D VRM technology to optimise your listening experience, so you can produce mixes that you can trust to sound great on any system. Pair it with IK Multimedia’s optional MEMS omnidirectional microphone, which provides ultra-precise measurements of ±0.5 dB. Or, if you prefer to use your own measurement microphone, ARC System 3 is compatible with third-party models.

  • Acoustic-correction system that tunes your studio to perfection
  • Enhances the accuracy of your room's acoustics in two easy steps
  • 3D VRM technology-based multi-point room measurement system
  • Enjoy better stereo imaging, better detail, and more accurate frequency response
  • Use with IK Multimedia's optional MEMS omnidirectional measurement microphone or third-party alternatives
  • Correction software supports up to 32-point floating bit depth and 192kHz sample rate
  • Audition your mix in different virtual acoustic environments
  • Effective in both treated and untreated acoustic spaces
  • Also great for traveling engineers and on-the-spot corrections

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