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by Gsus4
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This little unit lets you use ANY external USB batteries to power your 9V pedals. 🎸

Absolute Noise Free🙉
Crystal Clear Tone!🔊
Remarkably Reliable ⚓️
Delightfully Portable 🍃

Q. 🤔 How does it compare to the Pedaltrain Volto?
A. ☺️ Volto is equipped with rechargeable battery inside, Gsus4 Power only acts as a converter.

Gsus4Power can be connected to any power sources like portable batteries, laptop usb, or even iPhone charger.

Volto is limited to its 5,000mah battery and It will only last for couple of hours depending on how many pedals are connected.

Once the Volto's battey goes flat, your pedals are dead also. And you have to wait for hours of recharging time...

With Gsus4Power 🔥
You can just simply swap it over to your second battery.

Use the 5,000mAh battery or or smaller size battery to go for more portable pedal boards.

or take the ultimate 20,000mAh battery to extend the usage time!

So far, we've tested and checked that 5 pedals lasted about 15hrs with Xiaomi 5,000mAh battery connected to our Gsus4 Power✌️

And yes, this unit is only for 5-6 pedals users (perfect fit for pedaltrain nano+) since USB power's current draws are usually very limited. (Check your USB battery output)

Gsus4Power is equipped with "Always-on" feature 👏 which prevents from automatic shut-down of USB power when it isn't drawing a lot of power. (Almost every USB battery has this Auto-Off function to stop the power draining)

This makes Gsus4 Power to go along even with one single pedal that only uses a fraction of power. 👊

Demo by Minhwi Hwang

Gears. (Direct Out, no EQ, no Audio Editing)
Gibson ES-335 - Gsus4Power Supply - Cali76 Compact Deluxe (Origin Effects)- Klon KTR - Little Green Wonder (BJFE) - Tonal Recall (Chase Bliss Audio) - WET Reverb (Neunaber) - Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special - SM57 - Audio Interface Apogee Duet2

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