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Goodhertz | Trem Control | Classic tremolo for the 21st Century

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Made for everything from recreating the classics, to animating the modern, to hearing the unheard, Trem Control is a classically-inspired tremolo powerful enough for the 21st century.


We love tremolo because it adds a human touch: the unsteadiness of a singer’s voice, or of Coleman Hawkins’ tenor on “Body and Soul.” And for nearly a century, innovators have brought that wavering to new instruments, inventing the unforgettable shimmer of Lionel’s vibraphone[1], and the soulful wobbleof a Rhodes.

But we also love tremolo when it’s more than a sine wave — that is, when it completely transforms a sound and imparts a rhythm or timbre otherwise unimaginable.

And yet most digital tremolos fail to capture all of the above. They’re usually hard to control, don’t automate smoothly, and they lack the character and richness of a great tube amp tremolo.

So, with all that in mind, we built something intuitive and limitless, a tremolo that combined the immediacy of hardware with the detail of digital.



  1. Lionel Hampton opening “Stardust” in 1947, as heard on YouTube. Oddly, a Vibraphone’s rotators create a tremolo effect and do not — as the name suggests — induce vibrato. The vocabulary seems to have been reversed often in the 20th century, as Leo Fender referred to his whammy bars (which create vibrato) as tremolo bars, and his amplifier effects, which create tremolo, as vibrato.