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DSM & Humboldt | SIMPLIFIER DLX | Dual Channel Zero-Watt Stereo Amp | w/ Built-in Reverb & External Footswitch

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The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Deluxe is one of the most comprehensive "amp-in-a-box" pedals we've ever seen! Boasting a myriad of impressive features, all contained within a small enclosure that's easy to mount onto your pedalboard or place on a desk, the Simplifier Deluxe is the ultimate all-in-one portable amplifier for guitarists who seek versatile, all-analogue tones.

Described as "a new breakthrough in the guitar world" by DSM & Humboldt, the innovative Simplifier Deluxe is a zero-watt, dual-channel stereo amp with realistic cabinet emulation technology and even a built-in multi-stage reverb. Almost endless connectivity options make the Simplifier Deluxe adaptable for any type of rig, while an included external footswitch lets you effortlessly take control of the unit's most critical live-performance functions.

  • 2 independent preamps with 3 amp types and 3 gain modes each.
  • Preamps can be used as a 2-channel amp, or in parallel for full stereo signal chains.
  • Cabinet simulation with 3 cab types and mic placement knobs for each channel.
  • Power amp emulation with presence, resonance and 3 tube types for each channel.
  • Stereo reverb with 3 modes and mix controls for each channel.
  • Stereo FX loop, with stereo TRS send jack and two independent return jacks.
  • Headphone output for silent practice, with volume control and aux input.
  • 2 balanced DI outputs with ground lift, for plugging directly into a PA system or mixing desk.
  • External footswitch for channel and reverb on/off (compatible with external TRS controllers). Connection cable included.
  • Spread switch for widening the stereo imaging or correcting phase issues.
  • Heavy-duty, anodised aluminium chassis.
    • Power: 9V (center negative)
    • Current Draw: 200mA
    • Dimensions 10 x 10 x 6.5 cm
    • Weight: 0.490 kg

Tactile Interface

Unlike many modern amp modellers that feature deep menus and fragile displays, the DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Deluxe comes with a concise selection of easy-to-adjust knobs and switches that allow you to make simple, on-the-fly tonal tweaks whenever inspiration strikes.

Each of the Simplifier Deluxe's two independent channels can be directly controlled via their own dedicated 3-band EQ sections, 'gain' and 'level' dials, and flexible 'amp'-type and 'mode' switches. The 'resonance' and 'presence' knobs let you carefully tailor their lows and highs too, while the 'tube' and 'cab' emulation switches enable you to fine-tune your tones to absolute perfection. You can even change the virtual microphone position on your favourite cab setting!

Ultimate Connectivity Platform

The DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Deluxe's enviable array of inputs and outputs make it easy to integrate into any setup. Use it as a two-channel stereo amplifier, or run two amplifiers together in parallel for a rich-sounding and fully-immersive stereo signal chain. You can even plug two guitars into the Simplifier Deluxe at the same time — each with its own amplifier and FX loop!

Here's a breakdown of the Simplifier Deluxe's inputs and outputs:

  • Mono or stereo mode input.
  • Stereo FX send with preamp bypass option for each channel.
  • Stereo thru jack for recording unaffected signal, WDW, or monitoring purposes.
  • Right and left FX return jacks. If the left return is empty, it can be set to be a slave of the right channel (for mono use), or take the signal from channel B (for full stereo use).
  • XLR-style DI outputs.
  • 1/4” inch outputs with option to bypass the power and cab emulation.

2 Fully-Independent Preamps

Simplifier Deluxe's two studio-grade preamps are capable of accurately modelling a number of iconic and coveted amplifier tones. Each channel sports:

  • 3 Preamp Types: MS Brit, American and AC Brit.
  • 3 Gain Modes: Clean, Crunch and Lead.

Channel A recreates a cranked amplifier with phase-splitter saturation, producing an ultra-responsive range of dynamic distortion characteristics. This channel is therefore ideal for aggressive and expressive playing styles.

Channel B models the same amps as Channel A, but possesses a warmer and rounder response that's perfect for sweet cleans and blues crunch — all the way up to heavy, sagging rhythm guitar sounds.

Multi-Stage Stereo Reverb, with 3 Modes!

DSM & Humboldt's feature-packed Simplifier Deluxe also includes a lush, built-in stereo reverb effect (with mix controls for each channel). The three reverb modes let you embellish your amp tones with just the right amount of ambience