BlackSmith Acoustic Guitar Nano Coated Strings Phosphor Bronze Light APB-1254

by BlackSmith
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Nano-Carbon Shield AOT Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings

BlackSmith acoustic guitar strings are made with the finest materials and manufactured using state-of-the-art automatic servo controlled winding equipment. USA made phosphor bronze and steel ensures a long lasting string with increased sustain and purer & warmer tone.

Our proprietary computer controlled winding technology produces strings with a very consistent wrap surface and even tension, resulting in stable tuning, accurate intonation, and superior playability.

The Nano Carbon Shield AOT (anti oxidation technology) coating prevents oxidation and dirt build-up on the wound strings without altering the tone – a BlackSmith exclusive!! Sub-Zero treated plain steel strings offer brilliant tone with a silky feel. With BlackSmith Nano Carbon Shield coated acoustic guitar strings, you will experience the perfect balance of consistency, tone, and playability. Vacuum Sealed in Patented Anti Kink Packaging Prevents Oxidation and String Damage.

APB-1254 - BlackSmith's best selling coated Phosphor Bronze acoustic set, offering the ideal balance of tone and comfortable playability with extended life, thanks to our Nano-Carbon Shield AOT (Anti Oxidation Technology) coating. Known for its warm tone, high end sparkle, and well balanced feel.



Why, BlackSmith

01 Packaging Patent

  • BlackSmith strings are individually packed in order to ensure that they won’t wear from rubbing against each other in transit or while sitting on shelves. It is our patented idea.


02 Nano-Carbon shield

  • We developed our exclusive Nano-Carbon shield strings.  Regular non-coated electric, acoustic and bass guitar strings are typically damaged by dirt, debris, moisture and skin particles.

  • These particles attach to the windings as you play, contaminating your strings, weakening your tone, and reducing string life.  BlackSmith’s Nano-Carbon shield acts as a physical barrier between the string and these damaging contaminants – but offers the brighter tone and feel of non-coated strings. In addition to longer string life, BlackSmith's Nano-Carbon shield reduces fret wear and does not flake off like other string coatings. 

  • For you bass players, our Nano-Carbon shield does not block string conductivity (string ground) like other coated string brands!!!


03 Raw Materials

  • They are precision engineered to exacting specifications using
    the highest quality USA-made steel, nickel, and bronze materials.


04 Winding Equipment

  • After a complete review of today’s most popular brands, we went to work on custom designing our proprietary computer controlled servo-drive machines that virtually eliminate core wire vibration during the winding process.


05 Sub-Zero Treatment

  • Our acoustic and electric guitar sets combine these exceptional wound strings with our sub-zero treated plain steel strings, resulting in a more balanced feel and tone across the entire set of strings.

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