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AKG | ARA | Dual Pattern USB-C Condenser Microphone

by AKG
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The ARA dual-mode USB microphone from AKG is a versatile mic that captures a variety of audio sources from the comfort of your desktop in two convenient ways.

Its dual-pickup configuration lets you focus your recording on a single voice or instrument with the directional front (cardioid) pattern; or it gives you the option pick up audio from around the room using the front and back (omni) pattern.

It's perfect for podcasters, bloggers, gamers, singers, and musicians alike. Whether it's just you, or you're picking up multiple sources, ARA's 24 bit 96kHz resolution ensures crystal-clear audio captures every time the red button is on.

You'll feel comfortable setting up ARA anywhere, given the included integrated base stand, the ability to attach it to a desktop boom arm, or even when placing it on a mic stand. When on the go, you can also take an OTG adapter or Apple Camera Adapter and capture pristine audio, thanks to its class-compliant drivers and USB connectivity with an included 2m USSB-C to USB-A cable.

Two Audio Capture Modes

Because the ARA offers dual-pickup patterns users can focus on a single voice or capture the ambience of the entire room. You can choose between a directional Front (Cardioid) pattern or a Front + Back (Omni) directional pattern. When using the Cardioid Pattern the ARA focuses on sound directly in front of the microphone and rejects the sound from the sides. This is great for recording vocals, podcasts, voice-overs and gaming. The Omni Pattern captures sounds all around the microphone. This means that you can capture multiple speakers in a room or a group of performers. This mode is also ideal for capturing interviews with multiple speakers, tracking multiple singers and instruments, or recording ambient sounds on location.

Pro-Grade, High-Quality Sound

The ARA offers professional-quality audio for ultimate speech clarity as well as stunning vocal and instrument tracks. Offering a frequency response between 20Hz and 20kHz means that you can capture a Pro-Grade audio signal for all your needs. Gamers will experience the thrills of fidelity that outperforms headsets whilst; videoconferencing is elevated with a crystal-clear sound that’s far superior to the built-in laptop or phone microphones. Furthermore, the ARA features a max SPL of 120 dB. This means there is plenty of headroom for recording high-output instruments such as drums, horns and electric guitars.

The ARA is Simple to Connect, Simple to Set Up, Easy to Use

Every function on the ARA is easily accessible. Both Cardioid and Omni pattern selections are on the front of the microphone. The front panel also offers a headphone output and volume control and includes a mic mute button with an LED indicator. The 3.5mm headphone jack will provide you with latency-free monitoring. With versatility in mind, the base is removable so you mount the ARA onto a Boom Arm or Mic Stand.

You can connect the ARA directly to your Mac, Windows PC or even a gaming console with a standard USB-C connector. For Android devices, you can use an OTG USB adapter cable. For connecting an iOS device, just use an optional Apple Camera Adapter and a powered USB hub.